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Symbiosis: Receptive to infection Nature 08-07-15

Smithsonian sets up frozen-plant repository Nature News 08-07-15

Osmotic stress induces phosphorylation of histone H3 at threonine 3 in pericentromeric regions of Arabidopsis thaliana PNAS 07-07-15

Conserved regulatory mechanism controls the development of cells with rooting functions in land plants PNAS 06-07-15

Plant collections left in the cold by cuts Nature 02-07-15

Circadian clock gene LATE ELONGATED HYPOCOTYL directly regulates the timing of floral scent emission in Petunia PNAS 29-06-15

Single-copy gene based 50 K SNP chip for genetic studies and molecular breeding in rice Scientific Reports 26-06-15

The first crop plant genetically engineered to release an insect pheromone for defence Scientific Reports 25-06-15

Climate-driven diversity loss in a grassland community PNAS 22-06-15

DNA double-strand breaks alter the spatial arrangement of homologous loci in plant cells Scientific Reports 05-06-15

Plant tolerance to excess light energy and photooxidative damage relies on plastoquinone biosynthesis Scientific Reports 03-06-15

Gross primary production of global forest ecosystems has been overestimated Scientific Reports 01-06-15

Decreased water limitation under elevated CO2 amplifies potential for forest carbon sinks PNAS 26-05-15

Botany: Plant identification is key to conservation Nature 14-05-15

A solution to the controversy on plant variety protection in Africa Nature Biotechnology 12-05-15

Hyperdominance in Amazonian forest carbon cycling Nature comms 28-04-15

Transcriptome dynamics of developing maize leaves and genomewide prediction of cis elements and their cognate transcription factors PNAS 27-04-15

Sweet potato is already a GM crop Nature 23-04-15

Biodiversity influences plant productivity through niche–efficiency PNAS 21-04-15

Downregulation of transcription factor aflR in Aspergillus flavus confers reduction to aflatoxin accumulation in transgenic maize with alteration of host plant architecture Plant Cell Reports 21-04-2015

The resurrection genome of Boea hygrometrica: A blueprint for survival of dehydration PNAS 20-04-15

On the factors that promote the diversity of herbivorous insects and plants in tropical forests PNAS 20-04-15

Seeds of change Nature 08-04-15

Potato gene guards against blight Nature 02-04-15

Plant biology: Coding in non-coding RNAs Nature 02-04-15

Massive Wildfires Speed Loss of Northern Trees Scientific American 02-04-15

Werewolf plant waits for the light of the full moon New Scientist 01-04-15

Tree cheers Nature 01-04-15

Genome-wide analysis of thylakoid-bound ribosomes in maize reveals principles of cotranslational targeting to the thylakoid membrane PNAS 31-03-15

Half-century evidence from western Canada shows forest dynamics are primarily driven by competition followed by climate PNAS 31-03-15

Symbiotic plant-fungi interactions stripped down to the root Nature genetics 27-03-15

Solution structure of the PsIAA4 oligomerization domain reveals interaction modes for transcription factors in early auxin response PNAS 27-03-15

Plant community structure through time Science 20-03-15

Plant sciences: Seeds and civilizations Nature 19-03-15

Long-term decline of the Amazon carbon sink Nature 18-03-15

Pollinator recognition by a keystone tropical plant PNAS 17-03-15

Corrigendum: Size and frequency of natural forest disturbances and the Amazon forest carbon balance Nature Comms 18-03-15

Ancient Trees Sprout New Life Scientific American 11-03-15

Characterization and expression of the cytochrome P450 gene family in diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.) Scientific Reports 10-03-15

Selective chemical binding enhances cesium tolerance in plants through inhibition of cesium uptake Scientific Reports 05-03-15

Drought impact on forest carbon dynamics and fluxes in Amazonia Nature 05-03-15

The fingerprint of climate trends on European crop yields PNAS 03-03-15

Full crop protection from an insect pest by expression of long double-stranded RNAs in plastids Science 27-02-15

Tropical forest losses outpace UN estimates Nature 26-02-15

NIK1-mediated translation suppression functions as a plant antiviral immunity mechanism Nature 23-02-15

The fingerprint of climate trends on European crop yields PNAS 17-02-15

Genomic analysis of hybrid rice varieties reveals Nature comms 05-02-15

Field resistance of transgenic plantain to nematodes has potential for future African food security Scientific Reports 30-01-15

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